Victor Holt Photography

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Dec 2003 - Jan 2004 Baltimore, Baltimore Show
July - Aug 2003 International Visions Gallery, Washington DC, People, Places and Things, Solo Show
Feb - March 2003 International Visions Gallery, Washington DC - The Photography Cooperative Group Show
2002 Wohlfarth Gallery, Washington DC, Cuban Exhibit, The Exposure Group Show
2001 Accra, Ghana - Group Show
2000 Capitol Children's Museum, Washington DC - Group Show
May - June 2001 Alexandria Museum, Alexandria, VA - Fotocraft Camera Club Celebrating 64 Years of Photography - Group Show
Sept - Oct 2000 Art-O-Matic, Washington DC - Group Show

Fotocraft Photography Club, Washington, DC
The Exposure Group, Washington, DC African American Photographers Association, Inc.

Sonnie Mason, Photographer, Washington, DC
Nestor Hernandez, BlackPearl Photography, Washington, DC
Fernando C. Sandoval, Photographer, Washington, DC
International Visions Gallery, Washington, DC
Zenith Gallery, Washington, DC
Kailani Hawk, Photographer, Washington, DC